'lead free' high pressure plumbing system

The System

Supreme aqua gold plumbing system is the most suitable, easy and economical solution for distribution of potable water. It is technically superior, cost effective and offers many advantages over conventional G.I. piping system. This system is very easy to install and functionally most suitable for all plumbing application like uptake lines, terrace looping and downtake lines in buildings. Apart from more than 40 - 50% cheaper to G.I. piping system, it has many more years of service life.

Raw material

The rigid PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) compound used in the manufacture of pipes and fittings is Type 1, i.e. Grade 1 PVC 1120 as identified in ASTM D-1784. The compound contains specified amounts of pigment, stabilizers and other additives to facilitate extrusion.

Product specifications

The system is made as per ASTM (American Society for Testing of Materials) standards. The Pipes are made as per ASTM D-1785 and Fittings are made as per ASTM D-2466 (for SCH 40 fittings) and ASTM D 2467 (for SCH 80 fittings). The pipes are plain ended in lengths of 3 meters in SCH 40 and SCH 80 pressure class. The complete fitting range is available in SCH 80, whereas most running fittings are also available in SCH 40. The pipes and fitting are available in 1/2" to 8" sizes.

The aqua gold fittings can be classified into three categories.

Solvent weld socketed fittings,
Threaded fittings with plastic threads and,
Threaded fittings with brass inserts.
The metal inserts in the threaded fittings are made of nickel-plated brass to withstand chemical corrosion.
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