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Supreme under ground drainage and sewerage system have been designed with a view to modern man's inclination towards health, hygiene and his aversion to filth and pollutants. Due to unpleasant nature of human waste, a drainage system should be “out of sight and out of mind”. Most of the drainage systems are actually hidden from sight. It is hence important that it should be of superior quality and should be able to function year after year without leakage or defects. It becomes unpleasant and expensive to address such problem that arise in conventional underground pipelines unexpectedly, and which may happen due to poor product quality or due to faulty construction and outdated technology.

This system is intended to carry soil and waste from S.W.R. drainage system to roadside sewers or drains and as sewerage system also. This system is highly recommended for buildings where hygiene is a prerequisite. The system can also be used for rainwater collection and disposal, including rainwater harvesting. In short the system provides complete solution for underground drainage and sewerage application.

The system is completely watertight and hence it is free from ingress and seepage of water and hence considered to be most hygienic. Unlike conventional drainage products there is no fear of pollution of underground water, soil or ill effects on building foundations. In this fast age, this product is blessing to housing and construction industry as tremendous saving in time and labor is possible. This is because installation of this system is quite simple and fast. The choice of the raw material, the structural accuracy and the strict quality control imparts high degree of

Product specification :
Std. specification
Sizes available
Inspection Chambers
BS: 7158:2001
Ultra 250 to 600 mm
Ultra 1000 mm
uPVC solid wall pipes
IS: 15328:2003
110 to 400 mm
Eco-drain pipes
EN - 13476
110 to 315 mm
PE pipe
IS : 14333
63 to 400 mm

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